Another Year Is Coming To A Close

Happy New Year to Everyone!!
Happy New Year to Everyone!!

With the holiday weekend upon us it is time to look back at what we have achieved this year.  EXAIR has released dozens of new products to help with all your compressed air needs; we launched a new method for you to get our information, our mobile site.  There have also been several Professor Penurious videos released and even a few new product videos.

While we have been staying busy making all of these items possible and I can guarantee that next year will be no different.  Here at EXAIR we are proud to say that we are the market leader in Intelligent Compressed Air Products.  We didn’t get that way by not maintaining our information, or inventing new products, or only blogging once a year.  We know that our people are the best, and we want to keep them working hard for our customers. We push and push everyday to make certain that we are a better company than any of our imitators.

With that being said, enjoy the new year, and make sure to watch for more products, videos, tweets, and information from EXAIR.

Peace and Joy to all in 2013.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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