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Vortex Tubes

I know I’ve written on the topic before, but customer service isn’t just a department at EXAIR, it’s a priority.  And it’s not just a top priority, it’s our only priority.

I’m reminded of the distance between a company like ours and those in other industries whenever I’m required to interact with their service departments.  Rather than sound off about a bad experience, I think it’s more fitting, and becoming of our company culture, to give an example of our standard service level.

I fielded a call today from a manufacturer in Georgia.  They’ve used a series of Vortex Tubes to cool their product as it moves down a conveyor line for quite some time.  Process changes have resulted in greater temperatures and greater throughput, so there is a need to extend the cooling capacity to keep products up to quality.  Essentially what was needed was the same product that has worked in the past, just a few more pieces.  The only problem was that the model number was unknown.

After a search in our system turned up empty, it came to light that the company has changed names (perhaps more than once), and the most accurate way to determine the model number in question would be through a roll-stamped marking on the generator of the Vortex Tube.

The shop foreman and I walked through the disassembly over the phone, and realized that the Vortex Tubes have been in service for so long, that the roll-stamp had worn off.  So, we took it a step further and took measurements of critical dimensions on the generator.  I then cross referenced to our CAD files, and determined the unit was a 2 SCFM model 3200 series Vortex Tube.  A quick email to the shop foreman gave confirmed model number, pricing, and availability.

Situations like this are a regular occurrence for everyone at EXAIR.  If you’re having application difficulties and need a helping hand, we’ll be happy to add you to our list of success stories.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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