I Love Dimensions


Late last week I was contacted by an OEM regarding our Air Knives.  They make equipment used in an automated process and had a need for more of our product.

One of the engineers contacted me because she had only so much information about our Air Knives.  She knew they worked well, she knew they needed more, but she was unsure of the part number.  When ordering, her purchasing department uses as coded item number, which was nothing like ours.  She was kind enough to send me a few files showing the process and the EXAIR Air Knives.  Fortunately one of the drawings was a stand-alone exhibit of our knife.

Taking a few dimensions from the file I was able to determine the knife in question was a 6” Standard Air Knife.  I then supplied model number (2006) and pricing, shortly before receiving a purchase order request.

We have CAD and PDF files available for our products through the CAD Library.  If you need any dimensions for EXAIR products they can be found in the CAD Library.  If additional information is needed, contact an Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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