Vacuum Chips from Blind Holes

An engine manufacturing plant had an issue with removing shavings from a blind hole to be threaded. The machining of the engine block is done on a transfer machine and is unmanned from station to station. Shavings in the drilled holes would interfere with the bottoming forming taps, causing them to break. When a tap breaks, sensors shut the entire line down.


The initial concept was to use an EXAIR Deep Hole Vac U Gun where compressed air is blown down into the hole with a small compressed air tube. The savings are captured by a soft vinyl tube under vacuum generated by the gun. This worked quite well but would require an operator positioned at that station. The customer wanted to keep the operation unmanned.

GM Romulus BO-Vacuum System HP Chip-VacThey added another station in the transfer line and installed an EXAIR 5 gallon Chip Vac with the end of its hose modified to replicate the Deep Hole Vac U Gun. They moved the modified hose end with a robot from hole to hole. This eliminated tap breakage, line shutdown, and increased uptime by 10%. 

There are a lot of innovative  ways that EXAIR products can be used.

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2 thoughts on “Vacuum Chips from Blind Holes

  1. We have an issue with blind hole shavings that we need to evacuate before the part leaves the machine. The machine is a Hydromat rotary transfer. The hole is 30 mm deep and 8.9 mm diameter. Three recess grooves are put in I.D. and the shavings do not always come out.

    1. Rick, I understand Russ Bowman is currently working with you to solve your problem. Thank you for visiting our blog and letting us help.

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