Heavy Duty HEPA Vac Used For Walnut Shell Blasting Media Recovery

walnut media

I was working recently with a customer who performs a variety of media blasting services. Their services involve cleaning delicate molds, armatures and electric motors prior to being re-wound. They also get into a variety of other applications that involve the need to clean coatings or other foreign matter from delicate surfaces such as jewelry, watches and similar items. They use walnut shell material as it works well without etching or otherwise damaging these surfaces.

The customer contacted EXAIR as they were looking for a reasonable way to clean up this very dusty material after they have used it. In fact, they re-use the material multiple times and needed a good way to collect it back into a central tank without creating huge dust clouds that would present a breathing hazard to their operators.


Our customer contacted us after they saw we had the new Heavy Duty HEPA Vac as part of our Industrial Housekeeping Products offering now. They had a few initial questions regarding how well it actually traps the very fine materials that it vacuums. I had explained to them that we had conducted several tests on a variety of materials including everything from metal chips down to powder the consistency of baking flour. When tested with the very fine materials, we found there were no visible emissions through the filtering system and back into the atmosphere above the drum lid where the exhaust flow is located. That discussion was enough to convince this customer that the Heavy Duty HEPA Vac was the right product for them. Previously, they had been trying to use the typical electric shop vacuums that you get from the local hardware stores. While these work OK for a while, they get clogged up with the fine dust very quickly. Also, the fine dust makes its way into the electric motor causing over heating conditions and eventually failure. The Heavy Duty HEPA Vac has no moving parts to wear out. That was another advantage the customer saw as positive for their purposes.

Since buying model 6199 Heavy Duty HEPA Vac a month ago, our customer has reported back to me their success at using the unit for cleanup and recycling. Having the capability of a large, 55 gallon drum reservoir was another feature that made their job a lot easier.

If you have a rather dusty material that you need to vacuum up and make sure is contained in your operation, give some serious consideration to the EXAIR Heavy Duty HEPA Vac System. You will be glad you did.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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