The First Night In A Tent Was A Success

Well, the first night in a tent, camping in the backyard for my oldest daughter went well.   However, instead of it just being her and myself, we ended up with some company.   My two nieces, and nephew all came down and decided to partake.   The bad news? – We needed a bigger tent.  Fortunately for us, sourcing a larger tent was not an obstacle we could not overcome. Once we were done making S’mores and everyone was ready for bed, my oldest of course thought it was time to play in the tent.   When I finally got her to lay down that was it, she was out, sound asleep.    It was rather nice listening to the sounds of a small township at night, lol.   Everyone made it through the night, the only problem was my daughter was like a rooster on a farm in the morning.  Once the sun even peeked into the sky she was wanting to get up.   Luckily I convinced her that 5:30 was not morning and that we should go back to sleep.   Once the clock hit a little after 8 I finally let her wake up the others and go running into the house to tell my wife of her accomplishment.  Since the camp out was a success, and we are now into the next weekend, I am thinking of tackling yet another project and another milestone with my daughter…. fishing.

Speaking of milestones and projects, as Russ mentioned earlier this week, it’s getting hot.  Make sure that the heat this summer doesn’t creep up on you like that giant spider did to me.  Granted it wasn’t a spider and it was only a lightning bug.  When it lands on your neck while you are laying down in my book that means it is a black widow and you are about to die, so scream like a girl.

Super Air Amplifier

EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems are a great way to help beat the heat in your electrical enclosures, but sometimes you have a drive that may be mounted on the outside of the enclosure, or the heat sinks are mounted outside of the enclosure.  This is the perfect location to utilize an EXAIR Super Air Amplifier.    This is due to the fact that a heat sink is designed to have as much air moved over the surface of the fins as possible.   The air doesn’t need to be cold but it needs to have a large volume to help dissipate the heat.  The Super Air Amplifier is going to utilize a small amount of compressed air and then entrain a large volume of ambient air to blow over the surface of the heat sinks in order to keep that external drive cool.

If the heat is beating down your machines, give an Application Engineer a call and we’ll help you fight back.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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