Epiphanies Can Happen Anywhere And Everywhere

I know I’ve blogged before about some of the characteristics that were instilled in me from my father.   This past week I had an epiphany, it was yet another time when I realized that my position in EXAIR is exactly where I need to be.  I only wish it took place like the epiphanies from the episode of Scrubs below.  (Side note: Scrubs is by far my favorite TV show, next to Cheers, and Dukes of Hazard)

The event that sparked this epiphany was when I was scrolling through a few threads on a local motorcycle forum, and found a riding buddy had just bought a new bike.  The only problem he had, was that he had no way to pick it up. He needed a trailer.  So, I sent him a message and set my small trailer up for him.  He picked it up from my driveway while I was at work and will be dropping it back off this weekend.   The fact is that I have only been out riding with this guy two or three times.  I know who he is and where he works but through out mutual hobby I felt no worries about letting him borrow my trailer for a week.

As I was putting a ramp and straps on the trailer in my driveway, I had the epiphany.   One of the reasons I love my job here at EXAIR so much, is that I get to help our customers everyday.  Not only do I help our customers, I even get to help other team members with their projects on a daily basis.


I’ve never been one to look for the spotlight but I have always been one that wants to help whenever possible and not expect a single thing in return.   It’s part of the whole Karma and pay it forward campaign that we need to see more of in the world today.

So if you need a hand with your compressed air system, give us a call.  It’s not just myself that will help here.  It’s every single member of our EXAIR team.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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