Vortex Tube Keeps Electronics On Board Heated Tool Cool

Box and sm VT

The application is that our customer has a tool (represented by the blue box) which is heated up to as much as 80°C in some cases. The tool utilizes an on-board micro-processor which must stay down below 35°C in order to function properly to maintain the process. The micro-processor is housed inside a specially designed box with quick release opening and two M25 ports.

The customer came to EXAIR seeking a Vortex Tube that can withstand the heat produced and also keep the micro-processor below the target temperature.

Model 3208 Vortex Tube, set to 80% cold fraction and powered by compressed air at 60 PSIG produced more than enough cooling power to keep the small enclosure at the desired set point. Previously, the customer was using un-cooled compressed air, straight from a hose. That solution was not cool enough to do any good. The customer actually needed cold air to offset the constant heat of the tool.

If you will recall my previous blog about Cooling Load Cells; this is another great example of being able to provide just enough cooling power, right where it is needed and doing so with a very small product so it can fit into tight spaces.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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