A Special Build


The number of calls and emails that come in every week always seem to have something new.  Looking through my emails this afternoon I saw an product integration walk-through for a Line Vac, but with a twist.  This particular application had been mimicked in another facility and in looking at the specs, the requested model didn’t seem to fit quite right.  After a few emails and a sketch of the installation, everything was worked out with a safety margin to ensure proper application performance.

I also noticed the telltale signs of summer, which was an abundance of Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide assistance forms.  There were a number of others dealing with Cabinet Cooler Side Mount Kits, Air Nozzles, Air Knives, Reversible Drum Vacs, etc.  In short, there hasn’t been a shortage of fresh applications to keep me on my toes and asking questions.

One of the questions that stood out to me this past week was whether we are able to offer our Threaded Line Vac products with BSPP threads, and the answer is yes.  Unsurprisingly the request came from an overseas source, and also unsurprisingly we are stepping up to fill the need.  We pride ourselves on building reliable products and having them in stock, but we also pride ourselves in being able to step out of the production manufacturing zone and modify our designs when you need a custom solution.

If you’re involved with our product and see the need for a BSPP thread, or another modification to suit the market, drop me an email and I’ll see what we can do.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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