Super Ion Air Knife Eliminates Static in Geotextile Manufacturing Process

Geotextiles are any permeable textile material which is used to increase soil stability, provide erosion control or aid in drainage. And there are a large variety of types of geotextile fabric available.

Our Australian distributor (Compressed Air Australia) was contacted by one such company who manufactures these materials and were having significant problems with static electricity on their production line. Operators and machine sensors were being discharged to. This basically caused an un-safe working condition which also affected reliability of the process.

The customer found EXAIR Static Eliminators and worked with our distributor to select (2) of our 30” Super Ion Air Knives to blow onto the fabric as it is being processed through a series of rollers.


The Super Ion Air Knife blows onto the fabric from 1.5 meters away with only 2 BARG input pressure. The customer could not be happier that the Super Ion Air Knives were able to solve his static problem immediately.

The Static Eliminators were located just above an access gate and are mounted with custom brackets made by the end user to facilitate setting the proper blowing angle for maximum effect.



Customers will often ask, “Where in my process is it best to locate the static eliminator?” The answer is that you want to locate the static eliminator at the last possible point in your process, just up-stream of where the problem is occurring. Many times, static electricity is generated at multiple points along the processing line, especially for a web-based product like fabric. Thus the strategy of locating the static eliminator in this manner reduces the number of units required to keep a process running problem free.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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