Summer…Here For A Limited Time…

All good things must come to an end, they say, and this summer is no exception.  My sons returned to school this week, both attending the same school, on the same schedule, until my eldest enters high school next year.  This coming Monday is Labor Day, the Official© End of Summer.  And that means that our Boy Scout Troop will start wearing their “Class A” uniforms, instead of the “Class B” t-shirts that are authorized for June-August meetings.

In most of the Midwest, this is also the weekend that most pool owners will “winterize” and put their covers on.  I have a good friend who purposely has a party on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of September, to blatantly flaunt this convention, but he’s just delaying the inevitable.  I’m going anyway.

At EXAIR, we also know summer as “Cabinet Cooler Season.”  It’s no secret, or surprise, that inquiries – and sales – for Cabinet Cooler Systems will pick up when the ambient temperatures rise…that’s the “external heat load” part of the equation in action!  Of course, some places have elevated ambient temperatures even in the months that end with an “R”…places like boiler rooms, blast furnaces, bakeries, etc.  And I’ve had the pleasure to talk to callers who want to protect electrical panels in two out of three of those places, just today.

One other thing that’s coming to an end this week is our seasonal Cabinet Cooler Systems Promotion.  That’s right; you’ve got just a few more days to get a free AC Sensor with a qualifying Cabinet Cooler purchase.  So, if you’re considering a Cabinet Cooler System, now’s the time.  We can quickly and easily calculate your enclosure’s total heat load with just a few key pieces of data.  Use our online Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide to get it to us, or email it in.  For immediate service, call us with the data…we’ll do it while you wait. These products are in STOCK and we can ship same day on orders we receive before 3:00 pm Eastern.

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