Finally, A Victory

Last week EXAIR’s softball team finally triumphed.  In our ninth game, we finally got our first win.  After being shellacked the week before it was a much needed win for morale.  We were able to bat around in the first inning and put up a total of nineteen runs in the game.  The starting pitcher recorded five strikeouts and gave up ten runs, but at least five of those runs were unearned.  I felt great to finally put a good game together, and we hope to carry it into next week when we have our first double header.

Cropped Scoreboard

The truth is that the team we beat was playing their first game together at this park, and they made many of the same mistakes we had made in the past eight weeks.  There were a couple of missed infield flies and some ill advised throws to first base that ended with the ball in right field.  This allowed us to score a few extra runs.  The other team also had some trouble with the rules.  To keep the game moving, we play two strikes for an out, and three balls for a walk.  Our opponents struck out a number of times, which made it easier for us to get out of the innings, something we have struggled with in the past.  Playing a game against a beginning team showed us how far we had come.  Hopefully, we continue to get better through the next six or seven weeks, so we can be more competitive next spring.

Just as it is being the newest Application Engineer at EXAIR – I’ll keep trying to improve (while waiting for the next new Application Engineer to show me how far I’ve come).

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer
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