Photos and CAD Drawings Are My Favorite

Curved SAK

The photo above is from a foreign end user of EXAIR Super Air Knives.  From time to time, we make special length, dimension, or arched units as needed per the specific application.  In such situations we work very closely with everyone involved to make sure the product produced is EXACTLY what the customer needs.

Nevertheless, time passes and details can get misplaced or lost in transition.  Such was the case above.  And, although it should go without saying, in such a case we are ready to be there when the customer needs us.

After a little sifting through our records I was able to locate not only the model number and CAD file requested, but other details that proved to be helpful in follow up communications such as thread diameter and pitch, plunge depth, etc.

thread of curved SAK

These specifics and service aren’t limited to specially built items.  We offer them on stock products as well.  If you have any questions about EXAIR products, contact an Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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