Compressed Air Still Isn’t Free

We blog often (and sometimes at length) about how EXAIR’s Intelligent Compressed Air Products can be key elements in any plan to optimize your compressed air usage. Indeed, if you’re using compressed air for cooling, blow off, cleaning, etc., odds are, our Air Knives, Air Amplifiers, Air Wipes or Air Nozzles can do the job with lower consumption, less noise, and more safely, to boot.

But it doesn’t stop there…in fact, let’s go back a little closer to where it all starts…there are six steps to optimizing your compressed air system:

  • Measure the air consumption to find sources that use a lot of compressed air.
  • Find and fix the leaks in your compressed air system.
  • Upgrade your blow off, cooling and drying operations using engineered compressed air products.
  • Turn off the compressed air when it isn’t in use.
  • Use intermediate storage of compressed air near the point of use.
  • Control the air pressure at the point of use to minimize air consumption.

Although this isn’t a set-in-stone, chronological order in which you must proceed, I’d like to further explore the first item, because, regardless of the situation, I’ve always found it to be true that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. Dear reader, I give you the Digital Flowmeter:

  • They’re easy to install, using the Drill Guide, which is included. But if you’re getting more than one Digital Flowmeter of the same size, you can save some money and only get one with the Drill Guide.
  • No calibration or setup is needed – they’re calibrated before they’re put in the box, for the size of piping they’re made to fit on.
  • Accessories such as the Summing Remote Display and USB Data Logger are available for convenience in tracking, monitoring, recording, and managing the data.

If you’ve got questions about how and EXAIR Digital Flowmeter…or any of our Optimization Products…or any of our other products, for that matter…can help you save compressed air, give us a call. We’re eager to help!

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