Fast Is Good … Faster Is Better

Over the past month or so my oldest daughter has been enjoying driving around the backyard in her Power Wheels Jeep.  So much, that her Grandmother decided to get my nephew his own to join in on the fun.  The one she purchased was used and needed just a little bit of work before it was “road worthy”.  So the first stop was the interwebs.  The first site I found was a community of people who modify and customize “their” Power Wheels.

While I was just looking for some simple advice on how to tighten the steering and what the best replacement battery is, I found much more information on how to crank up the speed and make the cars more fun (of course all of this is just to let the kids enjoy their toys more)… It’s never for the parents gain.  Well here’s a video that may prove otherwise.

Now, most of the modifications that I have been looking at are for a better quality vehicle, maybe to add a little speed when needed.  The good news is, now that I have found this community full of people who have the experience I lack I know that I can count on them to have the answers when I need it and to get the full knowledge of not just one person but a good number of people.   Here at EXAIR it is just like the online community I found, except we can also be reached by phone and we deal in compressed air instead of Power Wheels.  We’re always going to make sure that your questions and applications get answers that are straight, to the point and are backed with years of experience.   Then to top it all off we will ship items from stock same day.  So not only do you get a quick answer, you will even get your product quickly.  Even after the sales we are still here for support of any of our products.

So if you need an answer fast, and a product that follows that answer, contact us.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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