Custom Solutions For Conveying Dry Material

The ideal solution for conveying large volumes of material over long distances.

EXAIR’s Line Vac compressed air operated conveyors have no moving parts or motors to wear out, providing a maintenance free way to move dry material from one location to another. We offer several different types and sizes of Line Vacs like our Standard Line Vacs, available from 3/8″ up to 5″  or our Threaded Line Vacs, with NPT threaded connections up to 3″. The Heavy Duty Line Vac are constructed of Hardened Alloy for superior abrasion resistance, available in sizes from 3/4” to 3”, smooth and threaded connections or the Light Duty Line Vac commonly used for smaller volume, shorter distance processes, with sizes from 3/4″ to 6”. We even offer Sanitary Flange Line Vacs from 1-1/2″ up to 3″ for processes requiring frequent cleaning. All of these products are in stock, ready to ship from our factory here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For over 34 years, EXAIR has been manufacturing Intelligent Compressed Air Products and we understand that there may be “special” cases where a stock product isn’t going to fit a specific need or requirement. What sets us apart from our competition is that we are able, with a little help from the customer, to engineer and manufacture custom made products, like the Line Vac Conveyors, to fit the specific demand of a unique application.

A few examples are shown below:

Flanged design, easy to install

This special 3/4″ Stainless Steel flanged Line Vac is being used to remove acidic vapors after a silicon wafer etching process. The flanged design allowed the user to direct mount to the machine, eliminating the need for other expensive modifications.




Chemical resistant construction for washdown areas



A customer was needing a special Line Vac for a chloride wash area due to the aggressive chemicals. We were able to make a custom 1-1/2″ Line Vac in PVDF construction for corrosion resistance and QF flanges for easy maintenance and cleaning.




Custom funnel design for small, granulated material like sugar or salt


This special funnel shaped Line Vac is being used in a a small packet filling operation. The unique design assured for a clog free process by keeping the granulated material moving through the tube.






Miniature size for confined workspaces


A company was needing a miniature version of a Line Vac to remove microscopic debris in an integrated circuit chip making process. The barb fittings allowed for easy installation into the small work place.






These are just a few examples of how we are able to meet the demands of a wide variety of extraordinary processes. Whether you are looking to move “common” materials like plastic pellets or maybe something “off the wall”, chances are we have the resources to provide an engineered solution to fit your need. Our application engineers are standing by, so give us a call and let us put our expertise to work for you!

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer



Ordering Off The Menu, Revisited

I wrote a while back about ordering off the menu, in regard to technical data on EXAIR products. I’d like to share another example of how we can help, if you don’t find just what you’re looking for in our catalog.

I recently had the pleasure of helping a new Line Vac customer – a machinery builder – who needed a combination of properties of two different products: the stainless steel construction of the 2” NPT Threaded Line Vac, but the performance of the 2” Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac. The Installation & Operation Guide actually gives you instructions on drilling out the generator holes for increased air flow & performance, but they didn’t want to disassemble, modify, and reassemble the units if they didn’t have to. Which was fine with us – we were able to perform these modifications in assembly, and ship them, surprisingly quickly (surprising to our “new” customer anyway…) and they were quite pleased with the results. So much so, that the modified Line Vac is now standard equipment on this new machine.

Which of these Line Vacs has higher performance?  We can't be sure without checking the generator!
Which of these Line Vacs has higher performance? We can’t be sure without checking the generator!

We get a fair number of calls about products or applications that don’t EXACTLY fit the parameters, specifications, and performance ratings of our catalog products. Some of them simply won’t work…and we’ll tell you. Other times, though, we’re able to put our Design, Production, and Application Engineering skills to the task, and hit one out of the ballpark. And we’re set up to do it better than anyone else.

If you’d like to discuss a compressed air products application that’s a little (or a lot) “off the menu,” give us a call.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Fast Is Good … Faster Is Better

Over the past month or so my oldest daughter has been enjoying driving around the backyard in her Power Wheels Jeep.  So much, that her Grandmother decided to get my nephew his own to join in on the fun.  The one she purchased was used and needed just a little bit of work before it was “road worthy”.  So the first stop was the interwebs.  The first site I found was a community of people who modify and customize “their” Power Wheels.

While I was just looking for some simple advice on how to tighten the steering and what the best replacement battery is, I found much more information on how to crank up the speed and make the cars more fun (of course all of this is just to let the kids enjoy their toys more)… It’s never for the parents gain.  Well here’s a video that may prove otherwise.

Now, most of the modifications that I have been looking at are for a better quality vehicle, maybe to add a little speed when needed.  The good news is, now that I have found this community full of people who have the experience I lack I know that I can count on them to have the answers when I need it and to get the full knowledge of not just one person but a good number of people.   Here at EXAIR it is just like the online community I found, except we can also be reached by phone and we deal in compressed air instead of Power Wheels.  We’re always going to make sure that your questions and applications get answers that are straight, to the point and are backed with years of experience.   Then to top it all off we will ship items from stock same day.  So not only do you get a quick answer, you will even get your product quickly.  Even after the sales we are still here for support of any of our products.

So if you need an answer fast, and a product that follows that answer, contact us.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Is Smaller or Bigger Better

If anything, the commercials during the Superbowl, have fostered my curiosity for the entertainment value of everyday advertising. I’ve seemed to have gained a more critical eye and come to a conclusion; human consumption is like the tide, it waxes and wanes only to repeat itself.portable TV

There was a time that everyone was clamoring for pint sized TV’s. Today, sports fans would have a commercial movie screen if they could fit it into their home. In the 50’s and 60’s huge high finned cars  were in vogue. Today, sub compacts are in demand. Today’s manufacturer has to be diverse in their product offerings to fulfill the broad range of customer needs.

EXAIR is well known for its ability to modify standard product to fit their customer’s needs. Here is an example of how we modified our standard air amplifier to meet the customer’s needs to install into a flue pipe and assist the movement of flue gasses.

                           Standard DesignStandard Design                          Modified Designspecial air amplifier

If you have a special application, call one of our application engineers 1-800-903-9247

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer
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