Is Smaller or Bigger Better

If anything, the commercials during the Superbowl, have fostered my curiosity for the entertainment value of everyday advertising. I’ve seemed to have gained a more critical eye and come to a conclusion; human consumption is like the tide, it waxes and wanes only to repeat itself.portable TV

There was a time that everyone was clamoring for pint sized TV’s. Today, sports fans would have a commercial movie screen if they could fit it into their home. In the 50’s and 60’s huge high finned cars  were in vogue. Today, sub compacts are in demand. Today’s manufacturer has to be diverse in their product offerings to fulfill the broad range of customer needs.

EXAIR is well known for its ability to modify standard product to fit their customer’s needs. Here is an example of how we modified our standard air amplifier to meet the customer’s needs to install into a flue pipe and assist the movement of flue gasses.

                           Standard DesignStandard Design                          Modified Designspecial air amplifier

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