Manufactured with This in Mind – Used For This, That & the Other

One thing that makes being an Application Engineer so interesting is the variety of uses for certain products in our catalog. They all seem to have a few “textbook” applications, but some can be used across a wide range of industries to perform drastically different tasks.

Take, for instance, the E-Vac Vacuum Generators. The “textbook” application is pick-and-place…a Vacuum Cup is hooked up to an E-Vac, and used to securely pick up an object and move it from one place to another. Depending on the geometry, surface texture, and weight of the object, we have different E-Vacs, Vacuum Cups, fittings and tubing/hose to build the appropriate lifting system.

Then, there are the not-so-typical applications. I wrote a while back about a customer who uses one to deflate sports balls. They’re also handy for placing labels, evacuating molds, vacuum forming, liquid sampling…all kinds of applications where they can easily, quickly, and efficiently do the job of very expensive and complex pump-based vacuum systems. And with no moving parts, they’re virtually maintenance-free…another big advantage over vacuum pump systems.

If your application requires generating a vacuum, an EXAIR E-Vac is certainly worth consideration. With 32 models to choose from, odds are, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

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