Keep Your Air Clean

I have been reading Kyle Thill’s blog over at Toyota Forklift, and he often speaks about the benefits of preventative maintenance and service schedule. With our products preventative maintenance can be the last thing on anyone’s mind, but it is important work to keep your compressed air systems clean and dry. Today I received a reminder of this.

We received a Heavy Duty Line Vac back from a customer today, who had taken us up on our offer of a 30 day Unconditional Guarantee.  It was no problem for us to take the unit back, but as we were taking it apart, we received a gentle reminder how important it is to use clean dry air with our products and to use compressed air filters on your compressed air lines.

IMG_3652             IMG_3655

On the right, we have a photo for Heavy Duty Line Vac for reference.  As you can see, a new Heavy Duty Line Vac will have clean metal surface inside the inlet.  When our quality department inspected the used unit returned from the customer, we found this pile of rust particles that had been deposited inside the unit, right at the air inlet position.  One of the reasons filters are so important with new equipment is that the increased load can dislodge contaminants that may have been building up inside old compressed air lines.  The other reason we always recommend compressed air filtration is because filters prevent debris from ending up on anything you blow off, cool, move or coat with our products.  Compressed air lines can carry oxidized metal, water or oil contaminants, which can be easily removed to ensure your products and ours are kept clean.

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer

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