Can An EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Work With My Enclosure?

NEMA 4X Cabinet Dimensions

As I scanned through my emails this morning in search for a Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide sent to me back in June (some changes were made by the end user and I wanted to reference the original heat load), I noticed the large number of sizing requests typical of summer months.  When I clicked back to my inbox I saw four more Cabinet Cooler sizing requests awaiting me from different corners of the globe.

One that stood out to me was in a particularly hot environment (Approximately 180 degrees Fahrenheit), and needed NEMA 4X protection.  The end user was kind enough to send a sketch of the enclosure they plan to use, and needed to know if an EXAIR NEMA 4X Cabinet Cooler could work for their application.

Fortunately for the end user, our Cabinet Coolers are suitable for many types of enclosures, and we have a staff of Application Engineers on hand to sort through any abnormalities or questions which may arise.  So, we are able to say with certainty that our Cabinet Cooler can work in their application.

Another fortunate feature for this end user is that EXAIR manufactures High Temperature Cabinet Coolers available from stock, and suitable for temperatures up to 200 degrees F.  These high temp systems are perfect for metallurgical plants, use near ovens or furnaces, and for applications with higher than normal compressed air temperature.

If the specifics of your application raise any doubt about integrating an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer



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