Finding the Right Atomizing Spray Nozzle

atomizing nozzle

It seems that our Atomizing Spray Nozzles are becoming more and more popular to our customers and distributors overseas. Many times customers have applications that require a liquid be applied to a target surface in as efficient and sparing manner possible. At first glance, the EXAIR Atomizing Nozzle product line might look daunting to the un-initiated. However, if you break the application down into five simple questions, chances are you will be able to find the right nozzle that suits your need.

What are those five questions?

  1. What spray pattern do you want to produce? EXAIR offers Narrow angle round, wide angle round, flat fan, deflected flat fan, and 360° hollow circular spray flow patterns. Which one you pick depends on a variety of factors.
  2. What size area would you like to cover with the spray coming from the EXAIR Atomizing Nozzles? Sometimes it may be necessary to divide the area of a material coating process up over multiple nozzles.
  3. Is your liquid pressurized by either a pump or pressure-pot to get it to feed to the nozzle? If so what is the liquid pressure? EXAIR manufactures nozzles for pressurized applications as well as for applications where it is desirable or necessary to suck the fluid up into the nozzle with our siphon feed type atomizing nozzles.
  4. What is the viscosity of the fluid that you want to apply in the application? What we are concerned about here is the thickness of the fluid to be applied to make sure the nozzle will work well with that material. If the viscosity is under 300 Centipoise, an internal mix type nozzle works well. If it is over 300 Centipoise, then the more independently controlled, external mix type nozzles will be better to use.
  5. How much liquid do you want to apply to your target area in an hour’s time? Notice we want to know what the flow rate would be on an hour basis. For example gallons per hour or liters per hour. If the application rate is going to be given in gallons or liters per minute, these flow rates would be too high to be able to use an EXAIR Atomizing Nozzle appropriately.

With your answers to these five simple questions, an Application Engineer can help to recommend the right Atomizing Nozzle for your application. Give us a call or write to us about your spraying application today. We will be glad to help you sort through the data to come up with the right recommendation for you.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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