Static Eliminator Helps With Video Inspection

Being that many products are now made of plastic, we encounter many more problems with static electricity.  I have a customer that uses a video camera to check instrumentation appliques before assembly into a vehicle cluster.  The video camera would check for quality defects over the lighted details.  It would check for both light spots and dark spots.  The problem that kept occurring was a defect that was detected with a dark spot.  In closer examination, the dark spot was a piece of debris that was sticking to the applique from static attraction.  The plastic polycarbonate sheets can generate large amounts of static as it goes through the conveying process.  Thus, it added additional cost in having an operator to wipe the applique and re-insert them back into the video booth.  The customer called EXAIR to see if we could solve his problem.

In looking at the process, we decided to use the Super Ion Air Knife.  It would be able to accomplish both routines automatically.  The ion bar will neutralize the plastic applique and particles, while the air knife will gently blow the particles off.  With this combination of air knife and ion bar, the Super Ion Air Knife will generate a laminar flow of ionized air to carry debris away.  This air curtain can keep the applique clean before it goes into the video booth.  We were able to eliminate the “false” rejects, and the operator was able to continue checking the “positive” rejects for quality control.

Super Ion Air Knife
Super Ion Air Knife

Like with video inspections, you can use this ionized air curtain to keep plastic parts clean.  Other applications that use this process are circuit boards (or any product during packaging) before they are stored in bags and plastic components being stored in an enclosed storage bin.  With the Super Ion Air Knife, you can make sure your parts are clean from those little charged dirt particles.  As with any of our products, you can always talk to an Application Engineer here at EXAIR.

John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb


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