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EXAIR Cabinet Coolers are GREEN
EXAIR Mail from 1991 listing Cabinet Coolers as “green”. A portion of the mailing has been intentionally covered in this image.

Sometimes during the course of the day I find myself exposed to new information or material and I find it very enjoyable.  Case in point, I was having a discussion with our marketing gurus and afterwards I noticed a binder full of historical material created for and aimed at our international distributors.  Being that a significant portion of my duties at EXAIR constitute international needs, I was naturally intrigued.

What I found was a window into the past, and a time before EXAIR was what it is today.  The personnel names and distributor list was familiar, and so were some of the key points.  One that stood out to me, in a publication from 1991, was the reference to EXAIR products as being “green”.

The reference was in regards to the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 which addressed acid rain, toxic air pollution, and ozone depletion through the use of CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbons).  Since our Cabinet Coolers use only compressed air to cool and regulate enclosure temperatures, they were and still are a natural fit for overheating enclosures, especially those interested in doing so without normal refrigerants.

Hearing the term “CFC” gave me a flashback to my grade school days when we learned songs about energy conservation (yes, it was the 90’s), and hearing the term “green” gave me a flashback to a much more recent past when renewable and sustainable energy practices became a fad and now the norm.

Being able to see that our products have been ahead of the curve, providing real and measurable methods to conserve energy since before it was cool was, well, cool.  And, the specific products keep enclosures cool, so it was even cooler.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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