The Heat Is On…On The Way

The last few weeks of February here in Cincinnati were pretty rough with temperatures in the 20’s, even single digits, with sub-zero wind chills. Even as recent as last week, mother nature decided to show her angry side as we had one last snow blast to close out the winter season. It looks like we will be having a few days with lows in the 20’s this week then, hopefully, we should be well on our way toward spring. With spring right around the corner and temperatures expected to hover around the 50’s and 60’s later next week, I can say that this would be a welcomed trend!

Sunny sky
Is that the sun?

While the temperature rise may seem good for personal reasons, it can wreak havoc on sensitive electrical components in a control panel. A common, ill-advised “simple-fix” is to open the panel door(s) and use a fan to blow air into the enclosure. While this may seem like a good idea at the time, it could actually be causing long term damage. as you are now introducing contaminants to the area which may be contributing to the problem, rather than providing a solution. Luckily, EXAIR has you covered with our Cabinet Cooler Systems.

The compressed air operated Cabinet Cooler System incorporates a Vortex Tube to create two airstreams – one hot and one cold. As the cold, clean air is exhausted into the enclosure at a slight positive pressure, the hot, dirty air rises and exits through the cabinet exhaust. The hot air created by the unit is exhausted through the Vortex Tube. The systems are available in NEMA 12, NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X class rating, thermostat controlled or continuous operation up to 5,600 Btu/hr. of cooling capacity.

CC how it works
How the Cabinet Cooler Works

If you are unsure of you current heat load, we’ve got that covered too with our Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide. This provides us all of the pertinent information to perform our calculations and recommend a system. Of course, you can always call an application engineer and we will walk you right through it.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


Sunny image courtesy of wanko, Creative Commons License

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