Ion Air Gun Solution in Pallet Wrapping Application

Wrapped Pallets
Wrapped pallets

In a recent training seminar for EXAIR products, one of our distributors asked me “When should we recommend an Ion Air Gun?”  My response was that the Ion Air Gun is a go-to choice for applications which require both static elimination and handheld mobility.  We discussed applications where this is the case, and I recalled one of my more recent applications with an end user.

In this application, the end user packaged their goods (sub-assemblies which included electronics) for shipping into boxes, stacked their boxes on a pallet, and then wrapped the pallet with plastic using a machine.  As the pallets were wrapped, a static charge was generated, potentially affecting the products and shocking the workers.

In this particular case, the workers found a permanently installed Ion Air Cannon to be an inappropriate solution, because they wanted something handheld and mobile.  For this, the Ion Air Gun was a perfect fit.

With the ability to add cable length, allowing for easy movement throughout the working area, the Ion Air Gun solved the multi-tiered problem for the end user – eliminating damaging and harmful static.

If you have a similar application, or one you think could benefit from an EXAIR solution, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer


Wrapped pallet image courtesy of Global Crop Diversity Trust.  Creative Commons License.

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