EXAIR Ultrasonic Leak Detector

I was in Australia to train our distributors there.  When I covered the Ultrasonic Leak Detector, many success stories were told.  I would like to discuss one in particular.  A customer had a 50 horsepower compressor that started to overwork.  He thought that he would need to purchase a larger compressor to keep his equipment running.  In discussing his problems and requirements, the distributor decided to check for leaks as a cause.  He used the Ultrasonic Leak Detector to check every fitting and connection.

Compressed air leaks can be as much as 30% of your compressed air usage.  Even small leaks will cost you in performance and money.  When you have a small air leak, the turbulent flow will emit an ultrasonic sound.  With the EXAIR Ultrasonic Leak Detector, it can pick up these high frequencies in the range of 20 Khz to 100 Khz.  This device makes the inaudible leaks, audible.  With three sensitivity ranges and LED display, you can find very minute leaks.  It has two attachments; the parabola attachment to locate leaks up to 20 feet (6.1 meters) away, and the tube attachment to define the exact location of a leak.

9061 Ultrasonic Leak Detector
9061 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

When the distributor checked the compressed air system, he found 91 leaks with the Ultrasonic Leak Detector.  He marked each one for the customer to fix.  The fittings were repaired, and the compressor was back to normal operations.  There was no need to purchase a larger air compressor, and the customer noticed the energy savings on his electric bill.  It is important to check the compressed air system for leaks on new and old fittings periodically.  Then you can enjoy the full capacity of your compressed air system.  If you would like to discuss this detector in further detail, you can contact our Application Engineers.

John Ball
Application Engineer
Email: johnball@exair.com
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

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