Super Air Knife = HUGE Compressed Air Savings!

We deal with several unique and challenging applications on a regular basis and many times we field a request that falls right into our expertise, compressed air savings!

I was recently contacted by a customer who was looking to reduce the compressed air consumption in their separator cleaning operation. The separator is continually cleaned by using compressed air through a header with a series of nozzles attached. Their current air consumption was roughly 720 SCFM and there were 2 headers per separator or 1,440 SCFM total for the process. (As you will see, that is ALOT of compressed air!) The headers cover a width of 36″ and blow through perforated sheet metal to remove fiber glass from clogging the holes. They were considering switching to a blower system but wanted to avoid large capital costs and engineering fees so they called EXAIR for assistance.

I recommended the customer use our 36″ Super Air Knife which would reduce their air consumption to 104.4 SCFM (@ 80PSIG) or roughly 615 SCFM per header.

Available from 3″ up to 108″ in aluminum, 303ss or 316ss construction.

Using the average of $ 0.25 per 1,000 SCFM, I calculated the following potential savings:

1440 SCFM (current) – 208.8 SCFM (Super Air Knife) = 1231.2 SCFM saved

1231.2 SCFM saved X 60 (minutes) X $ 0.25 / 1,000 = $ 18.47/hr. saved

$ 18.47/hr. X 8 hour work day (assumed) = $ 147.76/day saved

$ 147.76/day X 5 day work week = $ 738.80/week saved

$ 738.80 x 52 weeks per year = $38,417.60 annual savings

For this customer, these 36″ Super Air Knives will pay for themselves in less than 9 days!

This provided the customer with the compressed air savings they were hoping to achieve, plus saving the capital and engineering dollars to spend elsewhere in the plant. Not to mention saving the amount of valuable space they would need to dedicate to a blower system and maintenance required to keep the unit operational.

Based on the way our customer described the application and our knowledge of what it takes to solve an application successfully, this was another case of a customer providing significantly more compressed air than necessary to get the job done. The customer has ordered the units and is currently in the process of testing it under our Unconditional 30 Day Guarantee. To see how we can help optimize your current system, give us a call.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer



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