2 EXAIR Solutions For A Single Plastic Injection Molding Process

I was recently contacted by a manufacturer of precision gearing components looking for assistance in their plastic injection molding process. Their needs were two fold as they were looking for a more efficient way of delivering the plastic pellets to the hopper and a way to remove fine particulate and eliminate the static on the gears after the molding process.

For the plastic pellets application, they were having an operator manually deliver the pellets to the feed hopper. I recommended they use our Light Duty Line Vac. The Light Duty Line Vac uses less compressed air than our other air operated conveyors and are ideal for moving material a short distance. We offer sizes from 3/4″ up to 6″ in aluminum construction. In this particular application, since the customer was only looking to move a few pounds a minute approximately 6′ vertically, I recommended our 2″ Light Duty Line Vac.

Light Duty Line Vac
Low cost, reliable way to move a small volume of material a short distance.

In the injection molding application, after the gears are molded they drop to a 12″wide conveyor where they travel side by side and pass under a print head. The customer currently had an operator that was using a blow gun to blow off any residual plastic fines but noticed they weren’t able to remove all of the particulate which caused irregularities when they tried to print their identification markings.

I recommended they use our 12″ Super Ion Air Knife in this process. The Super Ion Air Knife provides a high velocity, laminar sheet of ionized airflow across the entire length of the knife. Operating at 80 PSIG, it produces a velocity of 11,800 feet per minute (6” away), consumes only 2.9 SCFM per inch of knife and is capable of dissipating 5kV in 0.18 seconds. This would cover entire width of the conveyor, ensuring they are treating both gears, providing the needed static elimination and blow off to carry the fines away.

Super Ion Air Knife
Super Ion Air Knife – Available from 3″ up to 108″

For help with your application, please give us a call, we’d be glad to help.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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