Preventative Measures Can Be Very Helpful

A manufacturer started to receive complaints from their customer on the product that they were supplying. They contacted me for a solution.  The manufacturer created a silicone rubber sheet about the size of an index card.  They would make this product by a liquid injection molding process.  The problem that the customer started seeing was small fragments of metal and thin silicone flashing stuck to the parts they were receiving. This caused the customer additional processing time because they had to clean the parts prior to using them.

In injection molding processes, you always get wear from the tooling. This wear resulted in metal fragments onto the silicone sheets.  Also, with the very fine gaps, you will get flashing.  But, an additional issue with silicone is that it is a nonconductive surface.  It can generate static which adds forces that can make it difficult to remove debris from the surface.

Super Ion Air Knife
Super Ion Air Knife

Lucky for this customer, EXAIR makes a Super Ion Air Knife. This device uses compressed air to carry the ions to neutralize static and remove debris.  They purchased (2) of the model 111006 Super Ion Air Knife, one for each side of the silicone sheet, and a high voltage power supply with dual outlet.  They mounted the Super Ion Air Knives and noticed a large improvement instantly.  Rejections dropped greatly, improving customer relations and productivity.

As a pre-emptive strategy, you can use EXAIR products as a solution to ensure good parts for your customers. With tooling that wears and static that can be generated, there are hidden problems that can occur over time.  Like the manufacturer above, if they could have foreseen the issues, the Super Ion Air Knife would have been installed prior to their customer finding it.  If you would like to discuss any of your upcoming projects with our Application Engineers, you can contact us at your convenience.

John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

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