A Special Application Receives A Special Solution

Outlets of a dual-point hose kit, stacked together

Earlier today I accessed the EXAIR Application Database and our blog to search for a similar Line Vac application to the one described to me over the phone.  It’s always nice to have something to reference when working with a customer.

But sometimes the application is just too one-off to be able to reference something done before.  I recently worked through just such an application in which an end user of our Argentinian distributor wanted to agitate beans travelling down a conveyor line with one, very specific condition – the airflow being directed at the beans HAD TO exit through a flat nozzle (ok, no problem there) made of plastic.  Hmm…

We have a variety of PEEK plastic Super Air Nozzles, all of which feature a conical airflow pattern.  Thinking on the possible solution, our distributor looked to our single and dual-point hose kits which accompany our Cold Guns and Spot Coolers.  They wondered whether we could feed the exhaust end of a Line Vac through the single or dual-point hose kit to provide the customer with airflow through a flat plastic exhaust.

The answer, I confessed, was that I didn’t know.  But, wanted to know and so did the end user.  So, I put together a threaded 3/8 Line Vac coupled with a dual-point hose kit, donned my PPE, and set out to see if this off-the-wall solution had any legs.

A bit abnormal but it worked!

As it turns out, it worked!

The performance was nowhere near that of our engineered nozzles (ok, no surprise there), but the output was sufficient enough for the distributor to recommend a live test.

I’ll update on the status of this solution if we hear back on it, but above any beyond this particular application, the process involved goes to show how far we’ll go to help our customers find a solution.  And, if we can’t use anything off the shelf, we’re more than happy to explore special builds.

If you have a special application in need of a special solution, contact at EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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