Stay Set Ion Air Jet Removes Dust From Bottle Filling Application

A few days ago I was working with a customer who was having a dust issue with their bottling line. As the polypropylene bottles travel down the slow moving conveyor, they are rinsed with an antibacterial solution then blown dry. After that, they pass under an inspection “eye” where they are checked for impurities before being filled with their herbal supplement tablets. When any dust is detected, the conveyor shuts down and the bottles have to be removed from the line and manually cleaned, then the system has to be reset to resume production. With the frequency of rejects increasing and the loss of production time, they decided to contact EXAIR for assistance.

After discussing the application with the customer, their immediate needs were two fold:

1. Remove any contaminants in the bottle.

  1. Install a sensor on the line to detect the bottle, so they only use compressed air when needed.

For their first requirement, I recommended our Stay Set Ion Air Jet. Because dust and debris can stick to plastic bottles due to a static charge and because I had learned the bottles did rub against each other and plastic guide rails, the static eliminating qualities of  Stay Set Ion Air Jet could be helpful. This would provide a focused, high velocity flow of ionized air capable of eliminating the static inside the bottle, while the airflow carries any particulate away. The unit features our Flexible Stay Set Hose which allows an easy way to direct the air to the critical area while holding position and a Magnetic Base for easy installation.

Stay Set Ion Air Jet
Model # 8494-9362 Stay Set Ion Air Jet Kit

Secondly, I recommend our EFC Electronic Flow Control to address their compressed air usage concern. The EFC incorporates a timing controlled (0.10 seconds to 120 hours) photoelectric sensor that sends a signal to the solenoid valve to turn off the compressed air supply when there are no parts detected. There are also eight additional programmable on/off modes that can be easily tailored to fit a specific demand.


EFC Electronic Flow Control turns off compressed air supply so it’s only uses when needed.

For help with your specific application, please contact one of our application engineers for assistance.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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