The Gen4 Ion Air Cannon for Static Elimination at a Distance

The static eliminating, Gen4 Ion Air Cannon is ideal for those applications where you need a concentrated flow of Ionized Air to remove static and dust. The Gen4 Ion Air Cannon will entrain a large amount of ambient air, and with the ion emitter point place in the air flow, it can produce static eliminating effectiveness up to 15 feet away. This is perfect for those confined areas that need a concentrated flow of static eliminating ions. These can be operated with a compressed air supply as low as 10 PSIG.

The Gen 4 Ion Air Cannon has a small profile to fit in tight spaces and still have a large amount of air flow. It comes mounted on a sturdy stand with lockable swivels and predrilled holes to allow for easy mounting and orientation of output airflow. Simply connect a compressed air supply, plug in the power supply power cord, and you are in business. Beyond knowing how it can be mounted, here is how it works:

Below, is the Gen4 Ion Air Cannon performance table based on 12″ distance from a target:

The Gen 4 Ion Air Cannon has a multitude of uses; form and fill bag openings, neutralizing shrink wrap, cleaning and neutralizing parts, removing static on assemblies, pre-paint dust removal and so much more. If you have any questions on how this can help you, please do not hesitate to call me or any of our application engineers.

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