Ahh help! Ayudarme!

In one of my previous blogs I mentioned that I’ve been taking Spanish lessons.  I had my first chance, or should I say requirement, to use what I’ve learned late last week.

In the event that a customer needs to contact us outside of normal business hours, we have an option to submit a survey through our Application Engineering queue on EXAIR.com.  Early Wednesday morning we had a request come through from Bogota, Columbia requesting information for our Cabinet Coolers.  But, the inquiry was lacking an email address to which we should respond, so I needed to call and get the information.

“Buenos días, SG Ingenieria.”

“Hola, que tal?”

“Muy bien, y tu¿”

“Por aca todo bien.  Pardon, hables Ingles???¨

“No, lo siente…”

I was stuck – no English!  But they needed our products and I needed their information!   I managed to make my way through the conversation, reach the engineer who sent in the request, and was able to acquire his email address.  The best part is that they needed one of our Cabinet Coolers, and we have a sizing guide in Spanish too – home run!

This was a new success for me, but only because of the language.  The entire Application Engineering department does this, and much more, on a daily basis.  If you have any application needs, give us a call.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer