Line Vac Removes Debris In Fuse Manufacturing

Over the last few months I’ve had the pleasure of working with an automation house headquartered in the U.S.  This company provides automation solutions to businesses from the states and abroad, and has a variety of applications, particularly for the Line Vac.  We began our discussions about transferring plastic pellet material into a multi-stage hopper atop a large machine, and progressed into other potential applications.

One of those applications was in the evacuation and reuse of sand used during a filling process for semiconductor fuses.  Fuses often contain high purity quartz sand as a granular filler.  The grain size distribution of the sand is of particular importance, as it provides room for vapors and gases to expand in the event of an arc.  So, making the most of the specified sand is a priority for the manufacturer.  The sand also offers a large surface area for efficient cooling and absorption of enormous amounts of energy.  In the event of an arc, the sand melts, forming a non-conductive body that prevents any further current flow.

Our customer in this application needed to remove the sand leftover at the top of the fuse after filling.  The existing setup provided no vacuum system, creating a mess of sand in, and around the filling station.

Line Vac Fuse 2
Semiconductor fuse filled with sand

The solution we came to was to install a 6078 or 6058 Line Vac, depending on the impact to the machine budget for each model.  (Note: The 6078 and 6058 Line Vac have identical performance, however, they are made of different materials – aluminum vs. 303 stainless steel – and thus have different costs.)  The Line Vac will vacuum the sand from the workspace, and convey it to a nearby container for reuse.

By recovering and reusing this sand, the machine area is cleaner, employees no longer have to sweep up and discard the spilled material, and the machine throughput can be increased.  Recovering the spilled material saves both time and money while increasing production capabilities.

With a Line Vac installed, we aim for a machine workspace that looks like this:

Line Vac Fuse 1
A nice, clean workspace

If you have an application that may benefit from an EXAIR product, or a discussion with an EXAIR Application Engineer, give us a call.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer