Air Gun Extensions Provide Reach and Flexibility

My youngest son started crawling a few weeks back which quickly reminded us how the game changes at this stage. He has been motoring all around the living room building his confidence and is now ready to tackle standing with the aid of the coffee table, couch, chair, well pretty much any elevated surface that he can easily grab and pull himself up. This is my one of my favorite time of a baby’s development stage but also one of the most stressful. Gone are the days of leaving anything within arms reach because all too soon it will be “strategically relocated”, usually inside someone’s mouth. Just this past weekend I’ve had to search for the TV remote, video game controller and a picture – yes a picture! Even when we think we are smart and have put things out of reach, you’d think this kid was Stretch Armstrong because just like that, “poof”, the search is on.

Stretch Armstrong doll

Sometimes having some extra reach can actually be quite beneficial. For example, maybe you need to blow out debris from under a machine or you’re needing to blow dust off of an area overhead, EXAIR has you covered. We offer Aluminum Extension Pipes from 6″ up to 72″ lengths for our Soft Grip and Heavy Duty Safety Air Guns. Coupled with the comfortable, ergonomic design of our Safety Air Guns , extensions provide a reliable option for those hard to reach industrial areas.

Aluminum Extension
Aluminum Extension on the Soft Grip Safety Air Gun


In addition to Aluminum Extension Pipes, we also have our Flexible Stay Set Hose Extensions. The Stay Set Hose allows for a an easy way to direct the airflow to the critical areas, while holding it position. The hose will remain in position until an operator has physically repositioned it for the next process. One of our customers manufactures toilets and they use this feature to blowout any dust or debris under the rim before the product ships. These hoses are offered in lengths from 6″ up to 36″ lengths, factory assembled on our Soft Grip Safety Air Guns.

Stay Set Hose
Flexible Stay Set Hose Extension on the Soft Grip Safety Air Gun

All of EXAIR Guns are equipped with engineered, OSHA safe, nozzles to minimize air consumption and noise. If you need any help, “reach” out to one of our Application Engineers at 800-903-9247.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


Stretch image courtesy of Alex Beattie via Creative Commons License