Buna ziua. Hallo. Hello.

I had a chance to use my Machinery Handbook again this week when looking up corresponding numbers for the steel we use in our hardware.  Such a cool book!

I was looking these numbers up for our distributor in Germany, who employs a gentlman from Romania,  and after the email conversation ended another conversation began.  But, this time instead of English, our distributor wrote a little Romanian, which I mistook for some type of antiquated Spanish.  We sorted it out with a few laughs, and it felt good to build the rapport.

Recently I’ve started taking Spanish lessons in the hopes of better understanding and communicating with a growing user group of EXAIR products.  In time, perhaps I might even write a blog de Español!

For now, we´re still going strong in our native tongue, analyzing applications and helping integrate EXAIR products into current designs.  If you have an application need, an Application Engineer is here to help.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer