Who’s Who In Customer Service…Is It You?

It’s been said that if you work for a company that sells a product or provides a service, then you’re in customer service…from accounting, to IT, to production, to shipping & receiving, and all points in between. Your company’s customer service/sales/application engineering folks are merely the face of the customer service entity that is your company. I know this not only because I currently work in application engineering, nor just because I have worked “behind the scenes” before, but also because I occasionally experience good customer service from our customers. Sound strange? Let me explain:

Recently, I got to talk to an engineer who has been tasked with making improvements to a production line. It just so happens, they make the razor blades that I use on this particular line. He liked the fact that I was familiar with his product, and I liked the fact that he was enthusiastic about his product. It’s not the cheapest razor blade on the shelf, but I’ve never minded paying more for its quality, and now, that’s been reinforced because I know that the folks who make them take great pride in their product.

At a previous job, I used to deal with a prominent bakery who made very popular cookies. We would often joke with them about needing a sample of their product so that we could ensure we were providing the right equipment. One time, their purchasing agent actually sent us some. Just like the razor blades, these cookies carry a premium price, which, just like the razor blades, is worth every penny to me.

In researching our family summer vacation this year, I found out that the folks at Disney are keen on empowering all of their employees, regardless of job title, to be the face of The Mouse, as it were. I found a review written by a more-than-satisfied visitor of the Magic Kingdom theme park, who had asked a maintenance worker for directions to a particular attraction. The worker could have just pointed them in the direction of the attraction, but instead, he hoisted his broom like a drum major’s baton, and led the family, parade-style, to their destination. The kids, of course, loved it, and the whole family enjoyed what Disney calls a “WOW moment.” Now, I can’t wait to find out what’s in store when we visit!

If you’ve ever had the occasion to call EXAIR, you may have noticed that we don’t have an automated phone system – during our normal business hours, you’ll talk to a real live person, every time, who will promptly get you to a real live person that can expertly answer your question, every time, and you’ll never get someone’s voice mail unless you ask for it. It may not be a “WOW moment” exactly, but I hear it’s getting rarer and rarer these days. Bottom line is, we want you to feel the same about EXAIR’s products as I feel about my particular brands of razor blades and favorite cookies.

Do you have an opportunity to connect with a customer of your company, regardless of what your job title is? You never know when that “touch” might lead to, or strengthen, a long and beneficial relationship with that customer. And wouldn’t that be nice?

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