Recap Of Mother’s Day Week 2013

This has been a busy week; here at EXAIR and at home.  Between Mother’s Day on Sunday, EXAIR Softball Practice on Tuesday and Thursday, some new product releases and finally ending tonight with a night of me watching my daughters while my wife enjoys a night out with friends.

First, for Mother’s day I found a project to build a squirrel feeder out of a fence post and glass jar.   So I built the feeder and the present from our daughters is that they get to decorate it with their mom.  (The squirrels are lucky that we don’t own a bedazzler …yet).


Second, as my blog last week mentioned, the Softball team is coming together.  A good number of us went to a local field and hit the ball around for a few hours Thursday. It was nice to leave all the titles behind and just be a group of friends playing ball.  I do have to mention that so far we have had no injuries, other than lots of soreness from unused muscles.

No drip

Third on the list is that EXAIR is offering a full line of No Drip Atomizing Liquid Spray Nozzles now,   if you have a precious liquid, or if you can’t have over spray or dripping of the liquid then our No Drip Nozzles are the solution to your problems. The new nozzles don’t require an extra valve or separate air line.  Simply install it just like any other Atomizing Spray Nozzle from our line and then when the air pressure reaches 30 psig the internal valve will open allowing liquid flow.  Simply turn off the compressed air to stop the flow and not a single drip of liquid will escape.

As for tonight, the plans will be determined by a three year old and I will simply be the chauffeur.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer