Halloween is on the Way!

Halloween you say? Isn’t it a bit early for Halloween? Not if it’s the first one with your baby, like it is for me…

Halloween brings on one of my favorite times of year.  Here in Cincinnati it is getting to be the perfect weather to sit outside after work and have a nice fire in the fire pit while enjoying the weather.  This year is fairly special to me because, instead of just sitting out with a bunch of friends surrounding our fire pit and handing out candy to all the neighborhood kids, my wife and will be taking our daughter for her first ever Trick or Treat experience.   Now she is only 7 months old so chances are she isn’t going to get very far or remember it.  There is also a very high chance I am going to be the one eating the candy she does get.  She is going to be dressing up as a bunny rabbit, while the costume is a disguise it still will not disguise just how cute she really is.  (Picture to come to Twitter closer to Halloween I’m sure.  EXAIR_BF)

I can remember being a kid and always trying to think of what I was going to wear for Halloween.  Normally we would make our costumes and it would start right around this time in order to have something picked out and made by the end of October.  I believe one of my favorite years was when I dressed up as Pac man and had my friends dressed up as the blue ghosts.   Keep in mind this was not a store bought costume and was all made by hand. Granted they were not as cool as this Bumblebee costume is, but to us they were.


Most of my friends on the other hand would go to the store and always try to buy the most popular disguise or mask just so they could have the best costume.  But the costume actually being the best was normally far from the case.  They would buy a costume because the picture on the package or the guy wearing it around the store just simply looked amazing.  Then, when they got it home and put it on it would never fit right, or it didn’t look anywhere near as good as the one they had seen. This was always a big let down and disappointment. 

Well, this is the same thing that happens to some customers when they buy a product from a company and they get it in only to find out they need dozens of other pieces or it is not of the same quality as the unit they saw in the advertisement.  This isn’t the case with EXAIR.  If you look at a product in the catalog, the picture  will properly represent the product you are getting.  We don’t hide things that you will need in order to operate the product properly just so you have to come back later or go to another company and get it.  Instead, we offer kits and systems in order to keep it easier for you, our customer.  This is yet another way that we are able to be a one stop shop for your compressed air product needs. 

Brian Farno
Application Engineer


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