We Are Who You Thought We Were!

Manufacturing is cool, just like this video courtesy of Dennis Green.

EXAIR has been a manufacturer from the day that we were founded back in 1983.  In those days, our founder (now CEO) answered customer calls and took orders during the daytime and then made the parts at night.  From Day 1, EXAIR designed and manufactured our own line of products because we thought it made us more responsive to our customers.  After all, who can relate better to manufacturing companies and processes than a manufacturer?

Today, 27 years later, we still feel the same.  Being the manufacturer of the products that we are selling puts us in a position to get customers what they need like nobody else in the world.  The front cover of our catalog has the phrase “Manufacturing Intelligent Compressed Air Products Since 1983” proudly shown right below our logo.  It is simply who we are as a company.  If you call us today, you can probably have what you need by tomorrow in most cases.  And sometimes even that fast isn’t fast enough.  Sometimes we deliver to customers the SAME day for critical situations.  We’ve been shipping our cataloged products from stock for 15 years and we set the standard for performance and customer satisfaction.

Being a manufacturer also gives us other capabilities beyond just quick deliveries.  We have the capability to customize our products quickly to meet the specific requirements of any customer.  Need a product shorter or longer, with more holes or fewer holes?  We can do that and still deliver quickly.  Because we are a manufacturer.

For years, we were one of the only companies around to offer this kind of service, and we shipped most special products within two weeks of the order, which was unheard of at the time.  But we are never satisfied and we are always trying to improve our products and services.  Back in 2008, we cut our lead times for special length air knives in half.  We simply found a way to improve our processes and raised the bar in order to be even more responsive to customer needs.

Did I mention that we are never satisfied?  Stay tuned for an announcement that dramatically improves our delivery on specialized EXAIR products in the days ahead.

We are who you thought we were!  The best in the world.

Claims are easy.  Proof is hard.

Bryan Peters

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