Six Steps to Optimization Series Summary

Well folks.  The numbers are in and it is time review our journey through The Six Steps To Optimizing Your Compressed Air System.

In the first step we found that by installing a Digital Flowmeter into your compressed air system will allow you to get a baseline on just how much air your system is consuming.  The Digital Flowmeter is available for many pipe sizes and types.  We also offer a Summing Remote Display which allows you to see cumulative consumption for a 24 hour period. The meters come in either Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute readout or in Standard Cubic Meters Per Hour.  Once you have a base meter reading on what the current system uses all improvements from there on will be easily measured and the cost savings can be calculated.  This is a key step to complete optimization of your compressed air system.  Blog/Poll #1

Next we learned that by fixing any and all leaks within the system you could save a considerable amount of air.  The problem is some leaks are not audible to human hearing.  This is where the Ultrasonic Leak Detector factors into the equation.  The ULD is a handheld unit with headset and LED readout that will allow you to check all connections and trouble areas for compressed air leaks.  The ULD will ultimately help you to fix those tiny leaks that are blowing your profit straight out the door.  Blog/Poll #2

The third part of our venture is always a good idea.  Install engineered EXAIR products to replace non-engineered, inefficient blow off and other compressed air applications.   A very common application is replacing open pipes with our Engineered Super Air Nozzles or use a Super Air Knife to replace that drilled pipe you are using.  The savings will stack up quickly and the return on investment will be easily visible not to mention the sound level reduction and OSHA Approval.  Blog/Poll #3

Once you have the EXAIR Engineered solution installed then you can start cutting the air usage even further by turning it off when it is not needed.   This is very easy to do with the installation of the EXAIR Electronic Flow Control.  The unit will easily retrofit onto existing conveyors or other areas and allow you to only use your compressed air when the sensor is triggered.  Blog/Poll #4The fifth step is to make good use of intermediate storage when applicable.  Adding an EXAIR 60 Gallon Receiver Tank can not only be an easy task but can also take the spikes and surges off of your air compressor for the intermittent applications.  This will also help other existing compressed air applications within your facility by not fluctuating their supply pressure and volume.  Blog/Poll #5


The final step in our journey was to install EXAIR Pressure Regulators.  This is yet again another easy installation due to their modular design and the many sizes available.  By utilizing a pressure regulator you can fine tune the application to use the minimum pressure and volume of air needed to achieve your process.  Blog/Poll #6

Throughout the course of these six blogs and polls we have discussed numerous ways for you to reach a completely optimized compressed air system.   This will not only help you lower your energy bills but will also lower the noise level in your facility and help you to achieve an OSHA approved process. 

If you have any questions on how or which product to install in your application please contact us.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_BF

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