Basketball Madness

Basketball is dominating conversations around the water cooler, TV programming is being preempted by playoffs, and office pools are circulating around. Lest we forget, we still have work to do.

For the month of a March EXAIR is offering some promotions to help you get that work done. Featured this month are our industrial vacuums; Reversible Drum Vac , Chip Trapper, Chip Vac, and Heavy Duty Dry Vac. With the purchase of any of these products you will receive a free Vac U Gun which is a popular hand held vacuum.

Also since we are not out of the static electricity season yet, the promotion on static eliminators has been extended to March 31.  With the purchase of a static eliminator you will receive a free AC sensor.

In addition to the promos, EXAIR has published a new catalog featuring a host of new products that will help you more effectively and efficiently use compressed air.

If you need more than the data offered in the catalog, EXAIR has a staff of engineers that will answer all your technical questions. None of whom are currently leading our office basketball pool. Just let ’em help you with compressed air stuff, I wouldn’t trust them with picking your brackets.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

Phone (513) 671-3322
Fax   (513) 671-3363

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