The Biggest Mistake with Compressed Air

It is a given that any manufacturer, service center, or equipment handler will have and use compressed air.  Compressed air is such a widely used utility with far reaching applications that Tata Motors acquired rights to sell the Airpod, a small vehicle which runs on compressed air.

However, for all its ubiquity, most people make the biggest mistake they can when it comes to compressed air  —  They don’t measure their compressed air use.  We often post blogs and videos around the issue of compressed air efficiency and optimization and it all begins with monitoring your use.  You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and you can’t make improvements without measuring first!

We refer to this as establishing a baseline, or a way of determining what the current compressed air demand is on a system.  Fortunately, EXAIR has you covered.  With a full range of Digital Flow Meters, Remote Displays, Data Loggers and acquisition software, we have the right products to get our customers on track.

Do you know your compressed air demand?  If you don’t, there’s a very good chance your wasting money generating too much compressed air.  Need help or more info?  Call an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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