That Spooky Wind In The Haunted House, and Other Fun Applications For An Air Amplifier

It looks…and feels…like autumn is here in Cincinnati. I had to actually find a jacket before venturing out of the house this morning. Unless I put my car keys in that jacket’s pocket right now, it’s likely I’ll leave it on my chair when I leave work today, because early autumn days are just as likely to have sunny, warm afternoons as they are to have chilly, damp mornings.

Mid-September also brings us at least a few calls from a particular breed of seasonal customers: Haunted House operators. It seems that our Super Air Amplifiers are a low cost, simple way of providing a quick, powerful blast of air. They’re quite prevalent in the entertainment industry in general: they’re used to generate the eerie, creeping fog that you may see in a suspenseful movie scene, smoke effects in live theater (Haunted Houses included), or any special effect that may require a massive amount of air movement.

Whatever season it is, they’re always popular for a wide variety of applications, such as:

*Cooling, drying, and/or cleaning parts

*Ventilating confined spaces

*Dust collection

*Distributing heat in molds and ovens

*Simulating the breathy exhalation of a giant gorilla

Whatever your air movement application might be, an EXAIR Air Amplifier is worth consideration as a low cost, simple solution. For help in selection, give us a call.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation
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