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I came home from work last night and had a nice surprise on my doorstep – Machinery’s 29th Handbook.  A 2700 page reference material for various engineering questions a guy like me might have.  I was so excited I called my sister.  After singing the praises of my new acquisition, she asked me in a nonchalant tone “What are you going to do with that?”

“Oh nothing, just engineering stuffs.”

Having sheet working equations, EDM corner wear percentage vs. material charts, or casting standards an arms-length away makes me pretty excited.  I realize that this might not be normal, but at EXAIR (tucked safely away in the engineering department), this is totally normal and acceptable.

One thing that is not acceptable is the inefficient use of compressed air, just ask Professor Penurious.  Our products are designed to save costly compressed air.  Curious how we can help your process or system?  Give us a call.

Lee Evans

Application Engineer


2 thoughts on “Engineering Stuffs

  1. Dear Lee, I’m a humble admirer of your blog, not only for the content but also your unique style of writing, discribing complex science in artistical envelop. Many best wishes & greetings. By the way, I want to inquire that from where I can get this 29th edition of Engineering HandBook? Don’t let me thirsty after showing the jug of juice!!!

    1. Hello Asad!

      It has been some time since we have heard from you. I hope you have received the EXAIR literature in Pakistan.

      With regards to the Engineering Handbook, I made the purchase through Here is a link if you’d like to take a look!

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