Am I stubborn or do I just have a passion to ride?

As the leaves on the trees are changing color, and the temps have already allowed for the first freeze of the year, most people who ride motorcycles in the area have already began to winterize and store for the winter.  Myself, not so much.  I rode into work from Wednesday until today this week. On Wednesday, when I left my garage, the temperature was reported at 32° F.  Today it wasn’t too bad but I have slowly over the past few years noticed that I am almost the only bike on the road during these last few months of the year.  I can’t claim that I ride year round but I go a bit further than most of my friends do.

The only way I can stand to ride in the cold is because I have the proper gear, same goes for when I’m on the track.  Without the appropriate tool there is a very good chance something won’t work.  This is why here at EXAIR we ensure all of us have the correct knowledge and tools to help you solve any compressed air application you may have.  We also offer a wide variety of products so that you aren’t trying to make something work in a way it is not designed to.

Then to top it off, if there is something that needs to be a little different from a catalog product, we may be able to offer a custom solution for you.

If you have any questions on what you need to get your compressed air applications working right for you and help you maintain production year round, don’t hesitate to contact an Application Engineer.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer / Motorcycle Enthusiast

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