Winter Is No Longer Welcome In My Book

For those of you that read my blog posts it may be shocking that I haven’t blogged about a motorcycle since October 12, 2012.  That’s far too long! Over the winter months I have been working here and there on the motorcycle. Doing the normal maintenance like oil change, cleaning, sitting on it and making engine noises because weather isn’t permitting outside fun.

Of course, one of the things I have done is use my E-Vac Brake Bleeder.  After successfully bleeding my brakes I took my front suspension to a local motorcycle race shop to have it refreshed and new seals installed.  This is something I don’t have the correct tools for so I have to hand it over to an expert.  We then got to talking about bleeding brakes and getting all the bikes ready for this race season.  So I explained the E-Vac system to them and they didn’t believe it would work as easily as I stated.

After showing them a brief video of it I was able to see the wheels start spinning in their minds.  Suddenly they realized that they could use one in the shop and that there were applications that I didn’t think of.

The main application would be for bikes with a hydraulic clutch.  The clutch fluid needs to be changed out and the air needs to be bleed out of the system as a regular maintenance item just like the brake fluid.  The reason I hadn’t thought of it is because I have a cable driven clutch.

Hopefully with the weather today nearing 50 degrees I will be able to get an E Vac in their hands and let them see that the way they were bleeding fluids is obsolete and this is best, easiest, and fastest method to do so.

The old methods are shown in the video below.  (Please don’t try to siphon brake fluid by sucking on the brake line.  You don’t know where that line has been.)

If you have any applications you think we could help with please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Am I stubborn or do I just have a passion to ride?

As the leaves on the trees are changing color, and the temps have already allowed for the first freeze of the year, most people who ride motorcycles in the area have already began to winterize and store for the winter.  Myself, not so much.  I rode into work from Wednesday until today this week. On Wednesday, when I left my garage, the temperature was reported at 32° F.  Today it wasn’t too bad but I have slowly over the past few years noticed that I am almost the only bike on the road during these last few months of the year.  I can’t claim that I ride year round but I go a bit further than most of my friends do.

The only way I can stand to ride in the cold is because I have the proper gear, same goes for when I’m on the track.  Without the appropriate tool there is a very good chance something won’t work.  This is why here at EXAIR we ensure all of us have the correct knowledge and tools to help you solve any compressed air application you may have.  We also offer a wide variety of products so that you aren’t trying to make something work in a way it is not designed to.

Then to top it off, if there is something that needs to be a little different from a catalog product, we may be able to offer a custom solution for you.

If you have any questions on what you need to get your compressed air applications working right for you and help you maintain production year round, don’t hesitate to contact an Application Engineer.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer / Motorcycle Enthusiast

Winter time blues

So after waking up to a nice 16° F temperature outside this morning I am ready for Spring.  Ok, I have to admit, we haven’t even got an accumulation of snow yet.  That doesn’t matter to me, I am ready for some track time on the ole SV.  Everyday I have to look at it sitting in the corner of the garage all surrounded with other warm weather items and then go out into the cold to get into my car.  It absolutely eats at me every single day.  Video below is of what I can’t wait to get back to.


Fortunately, here in Cincinnati we normally start warming up around April.  That means first track day of the season, unless it suddenly decides to start dumping snow in April now.  If it does then I guess all the propaganda is true and global warming is real.

What brought this on is he handful of calls I have received this week about sizing the appropriate Cabinet Cooler System for electronic enclosures.  This isn’t a seasonal product for us like book bags or Easter baskets are for retail stores.  We sell these year round to customers across the globe.   It doesn’t have to be Summer to be getting a heat failure in a cabinet.  The application yesterday was for a new cabinet that was located outside of a heat treating furnace and was already overheating just do to the ambient temperature being around 150°F.  This is exactly why we developed our High Temperature Cabinet Cooler Systems.

They can withstand ambient environments up to 200° F and will still be able to maintain a safe working temperature for your electronics inside the enclosure.  So if you are still operating with the panel doors open on your machine because it’s hot inside and snowing outside the plant, give us a call, email, tweet, fax, or even request a live chat on our site.  With a little bit of information we’ll calculate how much cooling you need and tell you just how we are going to keep that panel cool.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Always make sure you have good support.

There is nothing worse than buying something with great hopes that the device will help you achieve a goal only to find out it doesn’t work at all like you had hoped or like the advertisement said it would.  I take that back…  The only thing worse than this is to discover there is no technical support or information on the product and you are basically stuck with something that doesn’t work.   Other times you can make do with the performance but it just doesn’t do as good a job as you need it to.  I like to call these “Band aid fixes”.   (What is shown below is what I truly hope to be one of those fixes.)

Here at EXAIR I get quite a few calls where people have an application that kind of works but they could really use something that is going to be more effective.  This is where our team of Application Engineers comes in.  You see we not only help you choose the product that will work for your application but then if you get it in-house and it isn’t working as good as you hoped then you call back in and we give you full tech support of the products for free.  We’ll help you fine tune the applications as much as possible and if it still doesn’t work we will take the product back on our 30 day guarantee.

Everything you do is always better with the proper support or safety net.  Just like my brother in-law and I had a support vehicle when we went through Deal’s Gap.   The video from the support vehicle is below.  (It’s sped up due to the time constraints of YouTube.)

So if you need some technical support on your application or on our product, feel free to give us a call.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Another Motorcycle Post…This One Has a Twist.

So next week I will be traveling through the Smokey Mountains with my family and ALL of my in-laws.   That may or may not be why I have not only my SV 650 on the trailer but also my brother’s CBR 929 already loaded on the trailer.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my in-laws just as much as the next person, but everyone needs their away time.   It just so happens that not far from Gatlinburg, TN there is a world renowned road for anyone who likes some twisties.  The road is a U.S. route and is traveled by many.  It’s nicknamed The Dragon’s Tail, or more commonly Deal’s Gap.

The picture is correct…  318 curves within an 11 mile stretch of U.S. Route 129.  Most of these turns are blind and cutbacks.  Twisty enthusiasts of all kinds flock here and they all stop at the Deal’s Gap Resort.  It’s a shop that has a diner, motel, repairs, even a Tree of Shame.

The tree of shame is where you hang a part of your vehicle if you crash on your trip through the gap.  Needless to say this road has seen more than it’s fair share of wrecks.  I myself have been up and down Deal’s Gap once before and can’t wait to go back with my own bike this time.  While my brother will be riding along side of me I will still keep in my mind that my good friend, Rob Kubicki, won’t be there in flesh, but I’m sure he’ll be there pushing me to take the experience to the next level.

Along with the resort there are a group of people who have made a career out of photographing the scenery and all the visitors on their way through. is by far one of the best photographers there and they get some amazing shots.

Of course there is always a certain level of shenanigans that goes on with a place like this too.  Such as the group of people who raced pocket bikes down the gap.

I almost wonder if Professor Penurious has ever thought about taking the Rad-E-O-Cycle down and running the Dragon’s Tail.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

It’s Still Winter :(

In case you haven’t realized it lately it is still Winter.  Here in Cincinnati, OH we see all four seasons at their best.  We get the Spring showers, heat and humidity in the Summer, nice crisp Fall mornings, and even the snow and ice in Winter.  Now, I understand there are places that receive a considerable amount more snow than us each year but, I don’t think I would want to live where they see snow as often as Bigfoot.  I am however, ready to be done with what is in the picture below.

This picture was taken around 3:00 PM EST yesterday, 1/20/2011.  It then continued to snow through the evening and drop to single digits so ice formed everywhere.

This Winter has turned into a rather long one for me.  It seems every time I step foot into my garage my motorcycle starts to taunt me.  It’s currently sitting up on two race stands with a full tank of gas and battery charger just waiting for the ground to thaw.  Unfortunately I don’t see that happening anytime soon. What I want is in the video below.

I want to be back on the track in weather that is just warm enough the tires are nice and sticky and the bikes are sucking in the cool air then shooting it out as hot exhaust fumes.

So this is my statement to Mother Nature, Jack Frost, or anyone else in charge of this white, cold, crippling powder.

Please go away soon.   While I do love getting snow, I want to ride.  At least give me 50 degrees and clear roads.  That’s all I ask.  But not before this weekend, I still have to take the little one for her first sled ride.


Brian Farno
Application Engineer, Motorcycle Enthusiast, Cool Dad

2008 SV650 w/ too many upgrades to list.