Cooler Than a Fan

Glass cooling transport tables

Late last week I was contacted by a gentleman with an application for cooling glass.  The company produced glass with an anti-reflective coating.  After the coating is applied to the glass, it needs to be cooled as it is moved along transport tables.

Having faced a similar dilemma before, this facility had already installed (3) Super Air Knives to cool the glass.  For the previous production line, the solution was more than adequate.  However, the problem facing the new application is that the glass and coating must be cooled even further for a new setup and it is crucial to the quality of the coating that the cooling is achieved evenly and within the given cycle time.

Air Knife Setup in Latvia

Enter again, the Super Air Knife.  In the initial application, the airflow was directed so that it was in contact with the bottom of the glass, as in the sketch above.  In this way, the product was cooled sufficiently, but the top surface of the glass was left completely untreated.  The recommended solution to gain the necessary cooling was to install Super Air Knives which treat the top surface of the glass.

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Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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