Super Air Knife Used For Product Sorting

We recently announced the launch of the new 1126 1” Flat Super Air Nozzle, a marvel of its kind – compact, fully laminar, adjustable, and quiet.

Another laminar airflow product we manufacture is nothing new.  The Super Air Knife has been tried and tested for decades with new applications coming to light every day.  For example, in the sketch below we worked to integrate an EXAIR Super Air Knife (Aluminum) into a conveyor application in order to laterally move a low weight item from one belt to another.

SAK for product sorting

The air knife solution provides a vital function for multiple conditions in this application.  It allows for product movement in a fully lateral plane with little to no product disorientation in the event of a defect, or an overage on the main conveyor line.  Rejected items and workflow backup were causing unnecessary costs for this producer, and we were pleased to offer a solution.

When coupled with a PLC (similar to the EXAIR EFC – Electronic Flow Controller), the application was integrated with a time delay so that maximum energy efficiency was achieved.  No compressed air was wasted, and instantaneous blow off force didn’t have to be sacrificed.

This is an excellent example of how a disciplined and educated approach benefited an application.  If you know of an application with which EXAIR may be able to help, give us a call, email, or tweet.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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