Spring Has Sprung…Wait For It…

There’s an old saying about March coming in like a lion…as we approach the middle of the month, it appears that the poor animal is either inebriated, suffers from ADHD, or both. In Cincinnati, we’ve had t-shirt weather, freezing rain, bitter cold, high winds, snowstorms with winter travel advisories…and that’s just the past week.

As the clocks “sprung forward” into Daylight Savings Time, though, we’re reminded that spring is almost upon us, and, I would say, not a day too soon. Now, I moved to Ohio (on purpose) from Florida, many years ago, and I surrendered my right to complain about the cold when I passed this sign:

A1A exit

So, officially, this is NOT a gripe about the cold, but a rejoicing of the coming warmth, which means baseball and camping (yay), but also lawn mowing and spring cleaning (no comment).
To celebrate (as much as we can) the notion of Spring Cleaning, EXAIR is offering a free Vac-u-Gun with the qualifying purchase of an Industrial Vacuum. For those of you with year-round clean-up needs, we have a diverse range of products, available with a variety of options. Consider the Chip Vac:
*If you have an open top drum, the basic Chip Vac System will quickly turn it into a powerful, quiet, maintenance-free vacuum.
*This system is ideal for machine shops that turn a variety of materials, and wish to segregate and collect the chips for recycling. The same Chip Vac is easily moved from drum to drum.
*The Deluxe Chip Vac System gives you a drum dolly for portability, and a tool holder that magnetically attaches to the side of a steel drum.
*No drum? No problem. Our Premium Chip Vac System adds a drum, an 20’ compressed air hose, and upgrades to Heavy Duty Aluminum Tools & Static-Resistant Vacuum Hose.

The Chip Vac comes in 5, 30, 55, and 110 Gallon sizes, depending on your needs. For more aggressive clean-ups, our Heavy Duty Dry Vac might be worth your consideration.

If you have any questions about which Industrial Vacuum is right for you, give us a call. The free Vac-u-Gun promotion runs through the end of the month, by which time we’ll be able to see what kind of “lamb” March goes out like…I can’t wait.

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